Step 1

Unpack the herbs buddy and lift the ceramic insert (1) carefully out of the bottom pot (3). Please make sure that on the lower pot (3) a spacer ring (2) is applied. The spacer ring (2) is fixed in the lower pot by means of a slight interference fit (not screwed and not glued) and can be lifted by simultaneously drag and be taken up and out. For the placing of spacer ring (2) on to the bottom pot (3) just put it by light pressure and push down into the lower bowl (3) so that it is fixed again and the ceramic insert (1) can be placed. .


The spacer ring (2) has to remain on the bottom pot if the herbs friend is used (3), for only this can make the optimal fit between the ceramic insert (1) and the bottom pot (3).


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Step 2

Fill the ceramic insert (1) with potting soil, for example. of COMPA SANA® until about 1 cm below the top edge. The one you have commercially . (for example in a hardware stores) selected and purchased seed, has to be used  according to package insert of the producer, for example seed of KIEPENKERL Profi-Line and should be kept moost up to germination (is the respective herbs shoots are about 3 cm large) for example by spraying with a spray bottle or pour with a watering can).

Before you put the ceramic insert (1) on the bottom pot (3), fill the bottom pot (3), see picture no 4, up to the maximum water level 1 cm below the lower edge of the second white ring from above, (see arrow picture no 3). After filling with water, the ceramic insert (1) with the help of the spacer ring (2) then slowly place it to the bottom pot (3). This is very important to prevent water outcome from the bottom pot (3) for this please use ceramic insert (1) which has to be pressed to  prevent the overflow.


Step 3

After the germination, the herb is automatically supplied automatically by the unique capillary structure of the ceramic insert, with water from the bottom pot (3). This makes an fals supply (drown or wither) absolutely excluded. Herbs friend imitates the nature perfectly due to the presence of the ceramic capillary structure and ensures healthy and sustainable growth of their respective herbs places. To gouranty the best herbs with water, the water supply in the bottom pot (3) is sufficient for an average room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of about 60% at least 14 to 16 days. The information given to you regarding the room temperature and humidity corresponds to the average values of our climatic room conditions in Germany. The indicated times of 14-16 days can be shortend or extended depending on season and location of herbs friend, for example. 1-2 days shortening could be caused by a Southwest location with lots of sunlight in the summer. Please check regularly, at least every 14 days, the water level in the bottom pot (3) and fill, up if necessary, (see picture no. 3 and 4.).



Scope of delivery

consists of three parts


Part 1

ceramic insert

Part 2

spacer ring

from ACRYSTEX® on the outer ring

coated in the color gray.

Teil 3

bottom pot

from ACRYSTEX® coated with
stripes in white signal.

Seed and planting soil

are NOT included in the package of herbs buddy.

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