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Step 1

Unpack your Herbs Buddy and carefully lift the ceramic inset (1) out of the cachepot (3). Please note that a spacer ring (2) is attached to the cachepot by way of a slight press fit (not screwed or glued on); it can easily be removed by simply lifting and pulling it out. To affix the spacer ring (2) to the cachepot (3), simply insert and push down gently. Once the spacer ring (2) is in place, the ceramic inset (1) can be inserted into the cachepot (3). 



The spacer ring (2) must be fitted when using the Herbs Buddy to ensure optimal fit between the ceramic inset (1) and the cachepot (3).


Step 2

Remove the plastic pot (Ø approx. 11 cm / 4 inches) from the bought herbs you want to repot and insert the root ball into the ceramic inset (1). Gently press any excess soil all around into the ceramic inset (1). The soil should be level with the upper edge of the ceramic inset (1). Before inserting the ceramic inset (1) into the cachepot (3) for the first time, fill the cachepot (3) with water at the maximum to the lower edge of the third ring from the top (maximum water level, see arrow marker in picture No. 3). Then slowly insert the ceramic inset (1) into the cachepot (3), using the spacer ring (2).

Exceeding the maximum water level or inserting the ceramic inset (1) too quickly can result in water spilling from out of the cachepot (3).

Step 3

The repotted herbs supply themselves with water from the cachepot (3) by way of the patented capillary structure of the ceramic inset (1). This fully excludes the danger of over- or undersupplying (drowning or drying out) the herbs with water. The Herbs Buddy imitates nature 100%, ensuring the healthy and sustained growth of your respective variety of herbs.
At an average room temperature of 20° Celsius and a relative humidity of about 60%, the maximum water reservoir in the cachepot (3) will optimally supply your herbs with water for up to 10 days. The aforementioned details about room temperature and humidity correspond to the average values of climatic conditions in rooms in Germany. The given period of up to 10 days will be shortened or prolonged depending on the time of year and location of your Herbs Buddy; for example,

a South West facing location with plenty of sunlight in high summer will shorten this period by 1 to 2 days. Please check the water level of your Herbs Buddy regularly, at least every 7 days, by looking at the clear sections of the cachepot (3) and refill water if necessary (see pictures 3 and 4).

Scope of delivery

consists of three parts:


Teil 1

Ceramic inset

Teil 2

Spacer ring

Teil 3


The delivery scope of the Herbs Buddy does not include any herbs, seeds or compost.